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Afro On The Beach – Navarre, Florida

On Wednesday, at lunch, we decided we needed to go to the beach. The weather in St. Louis was dull and we both needed a little sunshine and some prettier scenery. The same afternoon we booked our Airbnb, which you can read about here, and packed our bags. At 9pm the same night we packed the car and headed out on the road. We drove until 2am and stayed the night at a Motel 6, which actually cost more per night then our airbnb! The next morning we drove the rest of the way and were in Florida by 3pm.

This time last year Zack and I were in Costa Rica, a spontaneous trip we took after dating for only 1 and a half months! It was nice to be able to return to the beach again! We had some amazing food and the weather was amazing.

I was born on an island, Hawaii to be exact, so I always feel at home around the water and sand. The waves were low and the water was cold but it was still a very fun relaxing time. If you are looking for a relaxing trip Navarre, FL is the place to go. The beaches are quite though it seems like they would be really busy with the pack parking lots, each group has plenty of beach they could call their own. To me it felt like a small friendly suburban town, like where I live now, only with a beach! Zack and I have actually talked about moving down there after I graduate.

I got sunburn for the first time in my life while in Florida. I was shocked to say the least. I have never gotten a sunburn before so it was a very weird and highly unpleasant experience. The sun must be harsher in Florida or something so remember that YOU NEED SUNSCREEN, no matter what color you are.

I am sad that spring break is over and its back to school for me. The good news is I only have five weeks then I’ll be graduating! YAY! Where should I visit next? Key West, FL and Denver, CO are already on the list for this year, what other places should I add??