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How To Get Thicker & Fuller Natural Hair with BetterLength

I get asked all the time how I got my natural hair so thick and full. Well the truth is genetics, unless you are having scalp issues your hair is as thick and full as it will be naturally. There aren’t any special creams are serums that can change that. The easiest way to get thicker and fuller natural hair is to use clip in extensions. They are easy to use and you don’t have to put any weird mystery products onto your natural tresses.

This week I tried out the new kinky coily clip in extensions from BetterLength. I was very skeptical at first and was worried they wouldn’t blend very well but I was surprised to see that you couldn’t tell where my hair stopped and the BetterLength clip-ins started! After co-washing and detangling the clip-in extensions I braided them and let them dry over night. At the same time I did a braid out on my own hair, see that here. In the morning when both my natural hair and the BetterLength kinky coily clip-ins were dry I upbraided them and added 3 rows of clip-ins to the top sections on my hair.

When I say these clip-ins are thick I am not exaggerating! I was expecting to have to use at least 5 to get the look I wanted. One order of extensions comes with 10 rows of clip-in extensions so that is more then enough for a full head of gorgeous, thick beautiful natural hair!

prettylittlefro natural hair prettylittlefro natural hair prettylittlefro natural hair

I love trying out new things and I think these BetterLength kinky coily clip-ins will be added to my regular hair routine! Did I mention that BetterLength only uses 100% virgin human hair so you can do whatever you want to it including dye it… which I may or may not need to do in there near future *wink wink*

Use code “krysta” for $8 off your purchase of any double wefted clip-ins from BetterLength.com

Watch the Youtube Video here!