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Grow Long Natural Hair Using Wigs

grow long natural hair using wigs

Hey guys!

I get a lot of questions about how to grow long natural hair using wigs and why I love wigs so much for my own natural hair protective style. Today I want to go in depth about why I love protective styling for natural hair and why I love wigs in particular. I am also going to share some tips to keeping your natural hair healthy while it stays protected under your new collection of wigs!




If you are like me you love changing up your hair; trying new styles, colors and maybe even cuts. If your also like me then your goal is to grow your natural hair long and healthy and these two goals don’t tend to mix very well. This is where my love for wigs started. Wigs allow you to change literally everything about your look without the commitment. You can grow your natural hair long while trying every style you could ever imagine. Want pink hair one day and a bob cut the next? You got it. Whether you buy virgin Brazilian or pick up a cheap wig from your local beauty supply store, wigs allow you unparalleled versatility and unlimited options.


Now-a-days most wigs come with adjustable straps that can be used to secure the wig so it fits just right. My favorite part,though, has to be the fact that I can take the sucker off at night! The relief! This also allows my wigs to stay looking nice and gives me access to my real hair. We can’t forget about our own natural hair okay guys! Unlike some other protective styles, wigs allow for easy adjustment and removal so I never have headaches or a sore scalp from tension when I wear a wig.

Obsession with Length

I am obsessed with having long hair. It was on another level when I went natural the first, and second… and third time. Because I was so obsessed with length I made a lot of rash and stupid desisions that only hurt the health and length of my natural hair. When I went natural the last time I knew I needed to do something drastic in order to stick with it and #GrowTheFro. I decided to put my hair away for an extended amount of time so I could get pass the stage of wanting to relax or wanting to cut it again during its awkward length. It worked! I wore a wig for the first 8 months after big chopping and it made going natural so much easier for me.

The Hair Underneath

grow long natural hair using wigs

How to Wear Your Natural Hair Under Your Wig

I wear my natural hair in 8 cornrows going straight back. I think 8 is the perfect number. You don’t want them too big or your wig won’t lay right and will look bulky. You don’t want them too small either because they will cause more stress on your scalp and hair which will cause unnecessary breakage and shedding.

Hair Care & Maintenance

We can’t forget to take care of the natural hair we are growing and protecting underneath the wig. Its very important to keep your hair moisturized and well taken care of or your protective style will be a waste of time. I moisturize my natural hair every other day by spraying it with 98% pure Aloe Vera juice and sealing my hair with my shea butter or a light oil. Pay close attention to the ends of your hair!

*This is the Aloe Vera I use!

I will wash my hair, while keeping my braids intact, every week to week and a half. I pretty much just do the exact same wash routine I would do if my hair was out. You can watch my video about it here.

Be careful

We have all seen the photos of women whose edges have been literally snatched because they choose to wear a few wigs that were way too tight. DON’T BE THE NEXT VICTIM!!! Only buy wigs that fit well and are comfortable. Your edges deserve love just like the rest of your hair. Unfortunately many of the wigs from local beauty supply stores seem to be made for people with heads the size of a 3 year old’s, but there are plenty of online wig shops that sell inexpensive synthetic wigs that come in multiple sizes. Do a little research and measure your noggin before you buy anything!


I really hope this article gave you some insight into why I love wigs and why growing my natural hair long and healthy with wigs is my favorite way to go! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment! What is your favorite protective style?

  • Lekea Haynes

    This year of 2017 I decided to go on 1 year protective style challenge. This is where I wash my hair in the cornrows every week. Moisturize and seal every day. After 2 months I would takedown the cornrows and do a more intended wash day. 3 days after I will go to the salon and get back a cornrow’s protective style and keep it for another 2 months.

  • Victoria Lola

    Brilliant idea. I never thought of this. Wow! I love the idea of changing hair styles and colours…and even going low cut sometimes. Now, I’m going to do just that. Thanks xx

  • Behind the Schmile

    Love this! I’ve been wearing wigs for nearly 2 years and it made it so much easier for me to transition from relaxed to natural!

  • Kyla R. Thompson

    Love it! Great tips!!

  • Tara

    Love this article! I’ve been natural for about 3 years now and the only protective style is braids bc I’ve been too nervous to try anything else. But I’ll definitely try out wigs now!

  • Denasha Hayward

    This was a great article!
    I love this because I have myself a little wig collection going on!
    I love your page as well!

  • Francesca Woods

    I have never worn a wig but I’m curious… just don’t know how to wear a wig without it looking like a wig LOL