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My Complete 4c Natural Hair Care Routine – Pre Poo, Wash Day, Twist Out & Night Routine

4c hair can be difficult and a struggle but it doesn’t have to be. I am sharing my complete 4c hair care routine with you guys today! Everything from the pre-poo all the way to the night routine. I have made a few videos showing bits and pieces but I thought I video showing everything at once would be every helpful! I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Watch the Video Here:


The Pre Poo

Pre-pooing ( or pre shampooing) is what happens before we hop into the shower. I pre-poo to detangle and condition my hair. Different naturalistas pre-poo for different reasons. My pre-poo for my natural 4c hair consist of spritzing Aloe Vera all over a section to help manipulate my hair easier. Once I do this I section my hair into even smaller sections, about 5 or 6 per side, then add more Aloe Vera if needed. I then add hair oil, this one is my favorite, and finger detangle the section until I am satisfied. I add a nice sized amount of deep conditioner and put the section into a twist. Then I just repeat these steps until my entire head of thick natural 4c hair is finished.

The Wash Routine

Two to eight hours later, depending of how I am feeling, I will hope into the shower. I start by completely saturating my natural hair with water, while leaving the twist from my pre-poo intact. Then I will shampoo my hair with a clarifying shampoo. I massage my scalp as best as I can then I use my vibrating shampoo brush, get on here and use “prettylittlefro” for 50% off. This helps remove any buildup that would not come loose with just using my finger tips. Before I rinse out the shampoo I undo my twist. This will make sure everything gets out of my natural hair and it’s all nice and clean.

Next I take my conditioner and apply a good amount all over my head. This will help my manipulate my natural hair easier so I can section it into 4 sections using large hair clips. I apply more conditioner to the section of natural hair I am working on then will use a wide tooth shower comb to detangle my hair. Then I will take my favorite detangling tool, my paddle brush, and while I have the section of hair under then running water I will use the paddle brush to completely detangle my hair. Then I squeeze all the excess water from my hair and put that section into a twsit. Then I repeat these same steps to the other 3 sections of my natural hair.

The Take Down and Styling

Depending on what I am doing some times I will sit under a soft hooded dryer or I will let my hair dry over night. I don’t add any product into my hair while it drys. After my hair has completely dried I will take down my twist and fluff out my hair. This Is the main way I have been styling my natural 4c hair recently.

The Night Routine

At night I spritz my hair with Aloe Vera and use a little leave in conditioner on each section. I retwist each setion and pin it up. After I finish all 4 sections I put on my silk hair bonnet and head to bed!

That’s it! If you have any questions feel free to ask. I try very hard to keep my hair care routine simple and manageable. I don’t want my life to revolve around my hair, plus I am lazy!