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Social Media Cleanse

You might have noticed I have been MIA for the last month or so, not necessarily by choice either. If you have been following me on Instagram @PrettyLittleFro, you would know that I recently just started my new job as a software developer and moved to St. Louis! It’s been a very exciting and exhausting time for me. This unintentional detox from the internet, because I literally have no internet (I’m at Starbucks lol), has been better for me then I realized. So for all those interested in taking a temporary social media cleanse I have a few tips to help you disconnect from the internet and reconnect with yourself!


Yes, you heard me right. Delete any apps that take up your time but don’t actually use. I realized I wasted to much time scrolling through apps like Facebook and Twitter but don’t actually use them. I rarely posts tweets are status updates but spent so much time reading about what other people were doing.

Take some time to clear out your app folder, this includes games that you end up playing for countless hours and to procrastinate!


Next time you go out to dinner leave your phone in the car. Actually anytime you are with anyone you consider important leave your phone behind. It wasn’t until my boyfriend mentioned it that I realized I would be scrolling through my Instagram feed while he was trying to talk to me. We tend not to realize how spilting our attention between our phones and our loved one could be damaging our relationships. Now any time we go out or we are having a conversation I always put my phone away so I can give him my complete attention.


The biggest thing I learned while on my social media cleanse was that I valued others opinions more then I valued my own. I was always seeking attention from likes, comments, etc that I forgot that the only person’s approval I needed was my own! It become more about the likes and less about the enjoyment that came from creating the content. I have learned to detach my self worth from my social media stats and this is the most important thing that has happened to me!


Do you think you would survive a social media cleanse? Let me know in the comments!


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